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Innovator in Action: Tiffany Allen

Tiffany Allen

District: New York City Department of Education
School:P.S. 10 Fort Hill, Staten Island, New York
Role:STEAM Cluster Teacher, Grades K-5
Demographics: Comprehensive public school serving approximately 167 students. 87% of students come from low-income households. Half of the student body is Latinx and 29% of the student body is African American.

Tiffany Allen

Fun Fact:

I am a Disney fanatic! I love everything Disney and am so sad that it is closed right now. I usually travel there up to five times per year.

My Innovation in Action Helped Me:

  • Foster more personalized learning across our school. This year, we shifted our weekly professional development sessions to be more personalized for teachers. This built up our confidence in using playlists for students to personalize their learning experiences. By building our confidence with technology, we are able to better leverage it to meet the needs of all of our students and we can enable small group and 1:1 instruction through stations.
  • Enable more student agency. I can see student independence growing starting in younger grades. It is exciting to see students taking charge of their own learning.

The Most Important Lesson I Learned:

Be willing to be a risk-taker! In order to move the needle in education, we need to be willing to take risks. As the ed tech model teacher, I need to model that it is okay to take risks and fail. This demonstrates to other teachers in my building that we need to iterate and test out new strategies to improve our teaching. We used a Golden Pineapple (a version of the Golden Plunger) award in classrooms to recognize that innovation can be messy, but that in that messiness lies the potential for growth. In the end, it is always all about the kids and trying new things to help them.

My Coach Reflects:

Tiffany is a teacher who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all of her students. She is a lifelong learner who embraces every opportunity to grow professionally. Whether it is leading PLCs at her school, working through LINCspring cycles, or attending LINCspring LIVE! sessions, Tiffany continues to search for opportunities to be innovative and showcase all the amazing work the students and staff at Fort Hill are doing. She constantly welcomes feedback from coaches, colleagues, and students and also creates several collaborative moments that helps build a strong culture and community at her school. I remember the first time walking into “Mrs. Allen’s' classroom to observe and thinking, “wow, if I was a student I would LOVE learning in this classroom”. Tiffany brings a smile to all that she does and loves to see her students smiling while they learn and take agency of their learning. At the start of remote learning, and through all the challenges that came with COVID-19, Tiff continued to carry a “whatever it takes'' mentality and persevere in order to ensure her students felt safe, supported and encouraged in their learning. It has been such a pleasure coaching Tiffany and I look forward to all that she will continue to accomplish on this journey to transform education. Tiffany's Transformation Agent is Jen Bernier.

Resource to Share:

P.S. 10’s Digital Tool Box
Tech Badges

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