Reimagining Professional Learning to Meet the Needs of Today's Complex Classrooms

Reimaging-Professional-Learning-ES-ThumbTeacher professional development is one of the most promising levers available in our efforts to prepare teachers to empower diverse learners and to confront inequality in classrooms in the United States and abroad. That said, teachers often attend professional development workshops but return to their classrooms without making any changes in their teaching practices.

This is because few professional development programs are grounded in evidence-based longitudinal cross-national research because few of these studies exist. With the release of LINC’s Taxonomy of The Model of Generative Change, Dr. Arnetha Ball, Professor Emerita of Stanford University, Graduate School of Education, presents an overview of a research-based professional development approach that actually impacts teachers’ perspectives on teaching and classroom practice towards more student-centered and equitable learning environments.

The model that emerged from Ball’s research facilitates the development of teachers who have the attitudes, dispositions, skills, and the desire to educate all students to their full potential and the development of teachers who are ‘agents of change’ rather than ‘objects of change.’

Download the compelling executive summary of Ball's research to learn how her Model of Generative Change inspired the innovative professional learning model that's changing PD in 32 US States and 13 countries worldwide.

Or download the complete white paper, Generativity, Transformation, and Action: LINC’s Taxonomy of The Model of Generative Change, and take a look at the groundbreaking research itself.


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