Understanding and Evaluating Your School’s Blended Learning Implementation

Recorded Cloud Coaching Session

virtual coaching iconThis Cloud Coaching session will provide school leaders with an understanding of the fundamentals of blended learning using the LINC PAACC (Personalization, Agency, Audience, Connectivity and Creativity) Framework directly from the authors of Blended Learning in Action. While establishing common language and definitions, we will provide tangible examples of how the PAACC supports the design and facilitation of effective student-centered blended learning experiences and help leaders understand how they can bring this innovation to their schools. We will discuss the evolving role of the teacher and how this approach helps to build student agency, foster student engagement, and increase personalization. A sample Evidence of Practice tool will be shared to support classroom observation and evaluation.
Presenter: Jason Green
Audience: School leaders, Directors of Instructional Technology and Curriculum

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