The 2022 PAACC Framework Playbook

New-PAACC-Playbook-Cover-webGet LINC's newly revised PAACC Framework Playbook! This 42-page slide-driven e-book is an excellent guide to help transform classrooms into student-centered, engaged, and innovative learning spaces that meet the needs of today’s students. The Playbook contains a rich set of resources and strategies aligned to the hallmarks of effective and innovative instructional practices: personalization, agency, authenticity, connectivity, and creativity (PAACC). By aligning lessons and project units to this framework, educators can implement a model or combination of models with the confidence that they are hitting the personalization target. The book is filled with practical tools and tips, along with connections to online learning resources you can explore. And because you can download your own copy of the slides, this Playbook makes for great PD on inservice days or at faculty meetings.

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