Personalized "Lesson" Planning

At a recent conference, Sir Ken Robinson stated, “If you design a system to do something, don’t be surprised if it does it.” Just as schools were designed as factory models to produce one-size-fits-all knowledge, lesson plans were designed to deliver the same objective to a whole group of students in the same manner. Differentiation is at best a footnote.

For teachers to truly push beyond the 1-size model of learning, they need a new way of approaching lesson planning. If we design a 21st-century planning template correctly, the concept of “lesson” planning transforms to "learning experience" planning, and personalization comes to the forefront. Here is the anatomy of a 21st-century "learning experience" planning template using a Station Rotation model.

Take the PAACC challenge! Access the full template here, and share your lesson with us #LINCpd #BLinAction!

If we fail to redesign our key tools, and simply implement new instructional models around the whole-group planning models, we run the risk of creating fluffy learning that misses both the rigor of standards alignment and the target of personalization. Try it tomorrow and join the PAACC Challenge! Access the LINC template by sharing out your redesigned lesson plan using #blinaction #lincpd.

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