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    Rohiatou Siby

    Rohiatou Siby is a dance educator with over a decade of experience in both traditional school settings and renowned performing arts institutions. In addition to teaching, she has coached arts, world language, and athletics teachers at the elementary and middle school levels. After receiving her B.F.A in Theater Arts/Dance from her beloved Howard University, Rohiatou graduated from Lincoln Center Scholars’ inaugural cohort and recently obtained her Masters in Educational Leadership. Follow her on Twitter @Siby_Rohiatou.

    PAACC Student Ideas Form


    All student-centered learning begins with actual conversations with students. Students' voice ensures that our lessons are genuinely student-centered and allows us to share the work of planning with ...

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    According to Pew Research Center, only 7% of teachers identify as Black. In addition to the already low percentage, a recent RAND Corporation report1 indicated that “almost half of Black teachers, in ...

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