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One of the greatest challenges classrooms are facing today is successfully transforming to 21C, student-centered learning. Futurists predict that today’s students may need to reinvent themselves 5 or ...

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Recent research suggests that African American/Black male students are thriving in classrooms. What are the factors that make the difference? Join us for this presentation that presents the ...

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The most recent achievement trends nationally display a precipitous slide in the context of academic outcomes, growth, and addressing unfinished learning gaps from the DC-Stage of Education (During ...

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Asset-Based Approach to Teaching


Students deserve to feel seen, valued, and heard throughout any learning experience. Each day is an opportunity for educators to shine light on student assets and further deepen the learning. Join ...

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At its core, all learning is both social, emotional and academic. Develop a plan to deliberately integrate SEL into your daily lessons/activities so students understand the value of these critical ...

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