From Anxiety to Zen: A Mindfulness Guide for Educators

From Anxiety To Zen A Mindfulness Guide For Educators thumbAt LINC, the Learning Innovation Catalyst, our team strives each day to support educators. We know that an essential piece of this support is around teacher wellness and balance, as teachers experience tremendous burnout. This mindfulness resource provides an introduction to mindfulness, one practice that can dramatically improve our balance and energy. We encourage you to dig in and try one or more mindfulness practices!

Mindfulness is important because you are important! Minute-by-minute, we are flooded with thoughts and feelings that can create unwanted emotions that affect our attitudes, behaviors, and our bodies. Activating our mindfulness superpower allows us to detach from non-beneficial thoughts and practices, and instead creates space for clarity, more positivity, and an increase in gentle moments for ourselves.

Download LINC’s new e-book, Anxiety to Zen: A Mindfulness Guide for Educators. This new 8-page book outlines 10 key benefits of mindfulness and introduces you to 38 exceptional resources to help you live in balance. Grab a copy for yourself– and share it with your colleagues!

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